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Video Training Session
Video Training Session
Explaining Transitions Concepts in a Community Setting

The Transition Framework can be a valuable behind-the-scenes tool for change leaders as they plan and guide a community through change. Change leaders can also share the framework explicitly with all participants to give everyone a common language for understanding the group’s transition as it adapts to the change.

This video, explaining the framework in the context of a community’s environmental conflicts, gives viewers a basic understanding of Transitions as applied to group settings. It is a good primer for teaching both change leaders and all participants about Transitions.


Transition for You and Me

Transitions For You
and Me

Greensboro, North Carolina, was coming to terms with a brutal KKK shooting that had happened in the town 25 years earlier. But as Reverend Nelson Johnson was guiding his town through this transition with dialogue and town meetings, he discovered he needed to go through a transition as well. more >

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